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Is Resisting Imperialism Supporting Jihadists?
Is Marxism Against Religiuos Freedom?
Capitalism has Changed -- What about Workers?
Capitalistic Deveolopment -- the only Solution?
IST Statement on New War on Middle East
Hong Kong rises for democracy
The Spectre of Imran Khan
Sartaj Khan
PPP leaders including Zardari are forced to respond to Imran Khans challenge as was obvious in their speches at Karachi rally of October 18. This challenge is splitting PPP from PMLN and MQM from PPP. A spectre that haunts parasitical political parties is PTI, writes Sartaj Khan
Rizwan Atta
Protest movement by Qadri and Imran have paralysed the government. The response of the left has beeen to find excueses behind conspiracy theories for not supporting this anti-government. Rizwan Atta says movements for reforms can't be ignored.
Contradiction & Revolution
A large array of Pakistani polticians is using the term revolution. Some even say that the revolution has already begun. Asim Jaan says failure of democracy in bringing relief to suffering has placed a mark on state legality. This leads to the question -- what is the state and why people revolt?
Asim Jaan
What is a Revolution?
Parliament, Democrats and Anger among Ruling Elite
Aamir Hussaini
When former liberationists like Mehmood Achakzai defend ruthless Pakistani state in parliament it actually expresses the anger amongst the ruling elite as its status quo is threatened by its own fellow democrats, writes Aamir Hussaini.