Current Issue (Urdu)

Panama Case

Panama Case: Its the Capitalist System that Produces Black Money....Nawaz Sharif faces charges by the JIT and the Supreme Court is to decide on the fate of the Sharif family. Roza Khan argues that its the capitalist system that produces black money and the entire system is based on crony capitalists.

Ruling Class and Sanctity of Eastern Women

Ruling Class and Sanctity of Eastern Women.....When Maryam Nawaz the daughter of PM Sharif was ordered to appear before corruption inquiry the PMLN charged back that it is an attack on sanctity of women. Riaz Ahmed argues that the capitalists show no regard for women or their sanctity but use these excuses like nationalism, ethnicity, regilion etc to protect their exploitation of working class.

Shell is Responsible for Ahmed Pur Tanker Blast

Shell is Responsible for Ahmed Pur Tanker Blast Killing 217 people...While the media and mainstream parties blame the poor for stealing petrol from the fatal oil tanker that overturned near Ahmed Pur Sharqia and blew to kill over 200 people the reality is that its the oil company Shell that is responsible for keeping a hazardous fleet of tankers for the sake of more profits.

Parachinar Shia Genocide and State

Parachinar Shia Genocide and State....Sartaj Khan argues that it was the power of social media that forced open a crack in ruling class consensus of keeping the Shia Genocide hidden from public view. The social media is seen as a greater threat to the organised attack on minorities and sects and hence faces counter-attacks.


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