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Is Resisting Imperialism Supporting Jihadists?
Capitalism has Changed -- What about Workers?
Capitalistic Deveolopment -- the only Solution?
IST Statement on Paris Killings
Hong Kong rises for democracy
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War Forces Divisions
Pakistani ruling class appears bitterly divided over war with India. A moment when the ruling class faces international isolation the cracks within are forced open. We argue that its not war but end to capitalists projects and imperialist domination that will bring peace to the region.
Protest Drive for Wahid Baloch
Reports & Analysis
Protests for the release of missing person Wahid Baloch begin to open avenues for expressions against military operation in Balochistan. We report news about the protest, prospects of a movement and address the fundamental issue: why the state enforces disappearances.
Class Based Education System in Pakistan
CPEC & Empty Promises
Sana Baloch
Sana Baloch a democratic nationalist narrates the history of empty promises of development to the Baloch. He notes that the Pakistani state is consistently threatening those who speak against the mega projects and this reveals the true intent of projects like CPEC. (Article borrowed from the web)
Altaf Hussains Position
Riaz Ahmed
Military operations in Karachi have a history since 1992. The main objective of such operations has been to break the might of MQM. However this time the breakup attempt has forced Altaf Hussain to take a separatist position. Riaz Ahmed discusses the contradictions.