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Is Resisting Imperialism Supporting Jihadists?
Is Marxism Against Religiuos Freedom?
Capitalism has Changed -- What about Workers?
IST Statement on Paris Killings
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Military Courts -- an Attack on Rights
Riaz Ahmed
With the consent of Supreme Court the military courts usher worsening era of attack on fundamental rights. Already at war with its citizens in Balochistan, Pukhtoonkhwa and Karachi the state is militarizing itself to fetch foreign investment, argues Riaz Ahmed
Balochistan -- Operation & Agony
KB Firaq, Abdul Aziz, Khan Kaka
Scores of journalists and writers have been killed or silenced during military operation in Balochistan, KB Firaq reviews the conditions of writers, Abdul Aziz looks at Gawadar and role of imperialist forces and Khan Kaka observes the declining public acceptance about the rule.
End KESC Privatisation to Save Lives
Sartaj Khan
The thousands of deaths from heat stroke in Karachi in June has exposed the brutal terrorist state with its callous private companies like KESC. Its plain: Electricity is a basic necessity, deny it and you kill people. Socialise electricity, end the reign of capitalist terror.
PPP State and Pressure of Reform
Riaz Ahmed
Zardari's outburst against the military reveals the fissures in ruling class. While there is pressure to deliver something to the people  the never ending quest of commission agent capitalists in PPP disallows reforms. Contradictions are coming to fore, argues Riaz Ahmed
Class Based Education System in Pakistan