Current Issue (Urdu)

CPEC and Capitalist Projects

Sartaj Khan discusses growing unease amongst Pakistani capitalists about the extent to which CPEC will hurt their interests. The local capitalists are hand in glove with imperialism but want to get the greater size of the cake. Their dissent allows the working class and oppressed nations to raise their concerns.

Anti-Thar Coal and New Missing Persons

Aamir Hussaini and Rasheed Azad survey the struggle of Islamkot villagers protesting at press club and concludes this struggle has potential to expand anti-CPEC movement. In another article Hussaini says recent disappearnces of Salman Haider and three bloggers be resisted to halt state terror.

Perspectives: Inqilabi Socialists

Sartaj Khan and Riaz Ahmed discuss perspectives for the Inqilabi Socialists in the forthcoming year. War, military operations, mega projects are ravaging millions while the struggles against oppression and exploitation need to be forged into weapons for revolution.

Wahid Baloch Returns Home!

Report by Haal Ehwal Wahid Baolch is free, he returns home after over four months in detention by state agencies. SaveWahidBalochCampaign activists across Pakistan are overjoyed by the success of their campaign. They now need to build on to force the state to end the horrific practice of missing persons.


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