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PIA Strikers Killed by Nawaz Bullets
Asim Jan
Feb 2 became a heroic day for workers struggle in Pakistan. PM Nawaz Sharifs gun savvy military killed Manager Raza and Enginner Saleem in an attack on a rally. Brutal killing escalated the strike. Now other sections of working class join PIA fightback and rollback Nawaz. Asim Jan analyses this fightback.
Rulers Shivver as Protests Spread
Sartaj Khan
PIA workers fightback takes place in an environment when ruling class loses peoples confidence after Charsadda attack. Scores of working class struggles errupt alongside  fightbacks by people as against Orange Metro. This fightback must be generalised says Sartaj Khan.
Class Based Education System in Pakistan
Workers Strike Halted PIA Privatization
Roza Khan
10 day strike with shut down of office work in last 2 days of December that forced the PPP and other parties in rejecting the PIA Ordinance in Senate. Despite this Nawaz is bent on selling PIA. It will be a unified fightback by PIA workers demanding parties to join them in streets that will stop this nasty govt argues Roza Khan.
One Year of Failed Military Operations
Sartaj Khan
General Raheel Shareef has miserably failed in  military operations throughout Pakistan. Operations intensify the bloodshed as the state continues the imperialist war of expansion. PML,PTI, JI, PPP and the rest are part and parcel of this bloodhed in the name of war on teror, argues Sartaj Khan.