Current Issue (Urdu)

CPEC and Capitalist Projects

CPEC – Rising apprehensions of Pakistani capitalists’
Sartaj Khan quotes various reports & news items published in a broad spectrum of media to reveal the rising unease & fears of Pakistani capitalists about CPEC, despite the consistent propaganda by Pakistani govt and state institutions that it is the road to paradise.

Need for Building Mass Social Movements

Social Activist Aamir Hussaini and Dr Riaz Ahmad discuss the need for building Mass Social Movements in Pakistan that are cross-province in the face of increased oppression by the state in the form of State sponsored ‘disappearances’ of social media activists, incarceration of political workers, affectees of Mega-projects on trumped-up criminal charges etc.

Karachi – Changing Partnerships for perpetuating Violence

Investigative journalist Ali Arqam describes how State institutions and class forces represented by Ethnic/Religious political parties have colluded to dominate the population of Karachi thru an unholy alliance of violence.

art of loving
The Art of Loving

Roza Khan brings out some main lessons from German Social psychologist Eric Fromm’s influential book,’ The Art of Loving’.


IST Statement on Paris Killings

Hong Kong rises for democracy

Life and History of Fanon

Is Resisting Imperialism Supporting Jihadists?

Class Based Education System in Pakistan

Capitalism has Changed — What about Workers?

Capitalistic Deveolopment — the only Solution?