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Is Marxism Against Religiuos Freedom?
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Capitalistic Deveolopment -- the only Solution?
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Hong Kong rises for democracy
The Spectre of Imran Khan
Sartaj Khan
PPP leaders including Zardari are forced to respond to Imran Khans challenge as was obvious in their speches at Karachi rally of October 18. This challenge is splitting PPP from PMLN and MQM from PPP. A spectre that haunts parasitical political parties is PTI, writes Sartaj Khan
Naghma Sheikh
12 political activists jailed for life by Gilgit Baltistan court on Sept 25 2014. They protested police killing of 2 Attaabad Lake effectees in Aug 2012. The PPP GB govt continues the reign of terror. On 16 Oct 9 more political activists were booked for treason -- they protested jailing of the 12. Report by Naghma Sheikh.
Gilgit Baltistan:12-Jailed for Life, Protesters Charged for Treason
Killer MolvisUnder State Protection: Radha-Kishan Killings of Christians
Aamir Hussaini
The killing of two poor Christians at Radha Kishan in Punjab is a continuation of state protection to killer molvis who incite people to avenge the week for their sufferings. Solidarity with the Christians and protest against sectarianism is a way to unite the working class, argues Aamir Hussani
Ruling Class Unites As Dharnas End
Riaz Ahmed
Qadri Dharna fatigued to an end the ruling class now stands united -- renewed attacks on working class. Oil & Gas, Stell Mills and scores others are threatened with privatisation. Expose the support to privatisation by PPP and PTI and unite against PMLN, argues Riaz Ahmed